Writing samples

Project | 01

Feature | 01 "Family Portrait"
LOGLINE: Over the holidays, a mother attempts to mend her fractured relationship with her daughter but her manipulative parents and a dark family secret stand in the way.
Length: 114 pages

Project | 02

Pilot | 02 "Super Average"
LOGLINE: In a world where super humans exist, a group of diverse friends struggle to adult and use their less than super powers to make life bearable and maybe solve a crime if they absolutely have to. Length: 24 pages

Project | 03

STORY | 03 "untitled"
LOGLINE: When a young writer travels to New York to meet a publisher she feels like her dream life is coming together and simultaneously her real life begins to unravel.

Project | 04

Short Story | 04 "Positive ions"
A poetic description of an instant attraction.

Project | 05

poem | 05 "untitled"
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