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My personal goal for the "A B1ack Sh33p" channel is to help others increase their critical thinking skills, by analyzing the material/literature/propaganda of the extreme control group Jehovah's Witnesses and discerning how the BITE Model is being used in each WatchTower article.


The BITE Model is the go-to means of identifying harmful high control groups/cults by explaining their methods of control and coercion. Dr Steven Hassan developed the BITE Model based on the brainwashing techniques used in Maoist China, as well as the 'Cognitive Dissonance Theory' . BITE describes the specific methods many cults use to recruit and maintain control over people. “BITE” stands for Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotional control. For your personal reference here's a link to the BITE Model .


FYI, I'm not an angry apostate who can't let it go. I am choosing to become an activist, not to hurt, but to help anyone who also seeks freedom. xx


I started a youtube channel a few years back called iFakeNormal because, let's be honest, who doesn't fake it? The channel lay dormant for a few years until I revived it recently for random video diaries. You can find them all on youtube.


There is one video in here that was made on an NBC studio tour where I play the HOST of a late night show. It was the first time I had ever seen the lines and the first time I have ever read off a teleprompter. It was a lot of fun. All the people in the video including the camera men were random unsuspecting people like me who were on a tour and had no idea this was coming.

I did theater in school but haven't done any professional acting yet.

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All Videos

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