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It's a site about me:

Little Jana Writing
Jana on sofa
Jana on Beth Trip


I've always been a creative person and was a story teller before I ever knew a written language. Everything I do creatively, I was self taught, my video editing, screenwriting, painting and art. I love reading and learning. I am part of that strange millennial group that still believes in books for research. I crave mental stimuli and love a challenge. Just because I don't know now, doesn't mean I can't figure it out. Just give me a minute. (Seriously, IKEA furniture is not that hard people.) Nothing is impossible. This realist has fully embraced that this truth includes dreams. 

I'm Jana Monteiro. I'm originally from Rhode Island and am a proud Cape Verdean-American. I am a writer, a painter, an ACTIVIST, an auntie, a Survivor, a comics-nerd, a coffee addict, a feminist and a hard-worker. I have spent my entire adult life working in offices, doing admin work and hospitality, because the cynic in me believed in plans and not dreams. Now, I've realized you can plan to make dreams reality.


So here I am, dream chasing at full force.

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